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Why is it hard to find a doctor?

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Doctors are struggling to find doctors willing to take on their patient’s opioid crisis.

The number of people using heroin is rising.

And in a country with a $50 billion opioid crisis, the U.S. has one of the highest overdose death rates.

But many doctors still don’t feel comfortable providing treatment for patients who might otherwise be seen by a medical professional.

Now the country’s top drug-treatment organization is launching a national campaign to help physicians and nurses better understand their role in the opioid crisis by highlighting a variety of different aspects of caring for the addicted.

The National Association of Boards of Nursing, which represents some 50,000 nurses, doctors and other health care professionals, is sponsoring a national survey aimed at identifying the barriers that are holding back health care workers from helping patients.

The survey, which will be conducted by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), will be part of its ongoing effort to better educate nurses, primary care doctors and social workers about the needs of people who may be addicted to opioids.

The survey will be administered by a team of nurses, physician assistants and social work specialists, as well as by nurses and other medical professionals in other sectors, including social workers, social workers’ assistants, social worker and mental health nurses, and pharmacy technicians.

In addition, the survey will highlight the challenges faced by those in the medical field, including barriers to admitting new patients, and how the profession is responding to these challenges.

“The challenges of caring people who are addicted to prescription drugs and opioids, and their families and caregivers, have been a part of our health care system for decades, and they are continuing to get worse,” said Dr. Michael D. Miller, president of the National Board of Nursing.

“We know that many people in our community are in dire need of a lot of the things that we care about, like access to high-quality, compassionate care.”

The survey, due to be released on April 16, will also address the growing use of heroin and other drugs in the U

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