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Conservatives are the ‘true conservative’ and Trump is a ‘total fraud’

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Conservative activist James O’Keefe posted a video this week in which he showed what appeared to be a photo of a man in a shirt that reads “the true conservative,” the person the video refers to as “the real conservative.”

The shirt was reportedly sold on the site for $20.

But O’Reilly, who co-hosts Fox News’s Hannity, said the shirt was fake.

He claimed that people who buy the shirt are using it to spread misinformation about the real conservatives.

The real conservative is not the guy in the shirt, O’Connor told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

O’Connell has been a vocal critic of Trump since he became president.

He has called Trump’s administration “a total fraud” and claimed that the administration is in cahoots with a “deep state” plot to dismantle the Republican Party.

“They’re not even trying to get Republicans elected anymore,” he said.

“Instead they’re trying to undermine and destroy us, and we need to stop that.”

O’Donnell said that if Trump is elected president, it would be a “catastrophic” event.

“I think this guy is going to do a lot of damage to the Republican party,” he told TheDCNF.

OConnor has previously attacked the president’s father and is known for his pro-abortion views.

He said that Trump’s policies “are totally not conservative.”

“I believe in life and human rights and freedom of religion,” he explained.

“And I think that’s what Trump is saying, that he’s not really conservative.”

OReilly, a longtime Trump critic, called O’Brien “the biggest fraud of them all” in a tweet.

OReilly told that O’Malley’s comments are not surprising.

“There is no one more to be demonized than James O. ODonnell,” he wrote.

“He is a dangerous man who should be treated as such.”

He continued, “I don’t care what he says.

If you believe he is a conservative, then you should have no fear about him attacking you.

If he doesn’t believe he’s a conservative you should fear him.”

OBrien, who previously attacked O’Neill for “bullying” a reporter, said that OBrien has not done anything wrong and that he “just wants to be treated fairly.”

He added, “If I was a Republican, I would vote for Donald Trump, and if I were a Democrat, I’d vote for Bernie Sanders.

But I’m a Democrat and I believe in equal rights.”

OConnell, a vocal conservative voice on the Fox News Channel, has criticized the president for being “a phony conservative.”

He said in a statement, “This is not a joke.

It is an absolute, and very dangerous, lie that the real conservative was in a fake shirt, which was not even the shirt sold by the real, genuine conservative, James OBrien.

I know I’ve been a big Trump fan my whole life, but I know he is not truly conservative.

I’m not just going to let this go.”

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