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How Twitter and Facebook have changed social media in the last few years

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Twitter is now one of the most popular platforms for social media users.

But that’s not all.

Twitter also provides an app for iOS and Android devices, and Facebook has built a powerful social network app for mobile.

But in the age of social media, some of the social networks that used to be big in the early days have seen their share of decline.

Here are some of our favorite social media apps in the past few years:TwitterThe social media app is now a big part of many people’s lives.

With millions of daily active users, Twitter is one of Facebook’s biggest rivals.

It’s the most visited social network by Americans, and the company has become a dominant player in social networking in recent years.

In 2016, Facebook bought Twitter for $19 billion.

But the two companies have not always been close.

Facebook’s social media platform, called Timeline, is available for iPhone and Android, and it was recently purchased by Twitter.

In the early years of the company, Twitter had a relatively small user base.

Now it’s the dominant social media site.

FacebookFacebook has been a pioneer in the digital era, but it has struggled to find a way to build a powerful mobile app.

It has struggled for years to find an effective mobile app that could compete with Twitter, which has its own mobile app and a much larger user base on the desktop.

Its Facebook Messenger app, which was acquired by Facebook last year, was not widely used in the U.S. until the past two years.

Facebook is looking for a new mobile platform to complement its desktop Messenger app.

TwitterThe popular Twitter app is still a strong player in the social network arena, and in 2016, it became the fastest growing social media company in the world, growing by over 100% year over year.

However, it has had a tough time staying on top of Facebook in the mobile space.

Twitter was a huge player in its home market, where it had over 10 million active users and over 15 million daily active Facebook users.

Now, Twitter has lost over 40% of its daily active user base and nearly 70% of Facebook users since its acquisition by Facebook in 2015.

Twitter has struggled with scaling back on its mobile app, and now that Facebook has acquired it, it is struggling to find ways to maintain its dominance in the app market.

Facebook has become increasingly dependent on advertising revenue to survive.

Facebook, in fact, has made significant investments in ad-serving technology to boost its revenue.

But it has failed to find the right mix of mobile apps that work across different devices, so users have been left to rely on a handful of Facebook-created mobile apps.

It is also unclear how the social media companies will manage their app and messaging efforts in the years ahead.

Twitter and Facebook both have their own mobile apps, but they are not as popular in the United States as they were in years past.

Snapchat has had its share of success in the States, and many of its users use it to broadcast their thoughts.

But Snapchat’s user base has shrunk over the past year, and there are questions about whether the company can sustain its growth in the long run.

Facebook’s Messenger app was also bought by Facebook.

But Facebook’s Messenger is not widely available for iOS or Android, while WhatsApp has fallen off the radar in the short term.

Twitter has had problems in the desktop market for a while now.

But Twitter is not a particularly popular mobile app at the moment, and its mobile apps are struggling to keep pace with Facebook.

Facebook has tried to take Twitter’s mobile app into the new age by building a messaging platform called Instapaper, but there are concerns that the service will be too simple for many users.

Twitter is the only major social media network to be acquired by a public company, and that has helped to push its growth to the next level.

Twitter grew by more than 50% in the first quarter of 2017.

In 2017, it had more than 3.2 billion daily active daily users.

In 2018, Twitter expects to reach 1.7 billion daily users in total.

It also has more than 2 billion active monthly active users.

Twitter’s growth has been driven by growing engagement from advertisers.

Twitter spent $3 billion in 2017 to advertise on its platform.

That’s up from $1.7 million in 2016.

Twitter says it is now advertising in more than 150 countries, and advertisers are increasingly looking for ways to reach their target audiences.

Facebook bought Instagram in December of last year for $1 billion.

Instagram has struggled in the US and in Europe, but Facebook is still one of Instagram’s largest users, and Instagram has grown rapidly.

Facebook Messenger also has been acquired by WhatsApp, and WhatsApp has been trying to get Instagram’s Messenger to become a mobile app for its messaging platform, but its app is not available for all devices.

The bottom line: In the age where we live in, it’s not enough to be on Facebook or Twitter.

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