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Twitter’s ‘trending topics’ will feature ‘tremendous impact’ on its users

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Now Playing: Twitter’s CEO defends his company’s response to the election coverage Now Playing…

Now Playing ‘What’s the worst part of being a CEO?’

Here’s what the worst parts of being an Uber driver are Now Playing The internet’s worst fears about Donald Trump’s presidency Now Playing Here’s What Donald Trump Can Teach You About Being a CEO Now Playing What’s the best way to respond to a hate crime?

Now Playing Is the future of the NFL uncertain after the NFL’s new owner?

Now Play: What’s next for the NBA, MLB, and the NBA Players Association?

Now View all New York Times Best Sellers Now Playing Trump says NFL should investigate anthem protests Now Playing President Donald Trump says the NFL should consider punishing players who protest the national anthem Now Playing Uber CEO: I will take care of my drivers with integrity Now Playing Former NFL quarterback Ben Roethlisberger: ‘We’re gonna be the NFL, we’re gonna do the right thing.’

Now Playing Ivanka Trump: ‘I don’t want to see any black people, Asian people, Latino people’ in the White House Now Playing Meet the parents of the victim of the Trump train wreck Now Playing A woman who was the victim in a fatal crash in California has been found dead Now Playing In this bizarre video, the Trump campaign has changed the rules of the presidential debate Now Playing US President Donald J. Trump said his administration will ‘defend our country from terrorism’ Now Playing Donald Trump: The US is the ‘world’s greatest military power.’

Now View All New York Time Now Playing Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump discuss their shared values Now Playing This is what happened on the final night of the 2016 presidential campaign Now Playing How to spot a fraud, the best anti-fraud tools, and how to spot your own fraud Now Playing Will Trump make America more safe again?

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