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Twitter: New Twitter cards are coming soon to the Xbox One and PS4

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Twitter is rolling out a series of new social media cards to the consoles that will make it easier to connect with friends and followers on the social network.

According to Twitter’s official Twitter account, these cards will be available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC platforms in early 2018.

The cards will use a new API and new ways to get access to Twitter users to give them more control over how their messages are shared.

They will also make it possible for users to control who can see the content they post on Twitter.

In the past, Twitter has introduced cards in the form of badges that are given to users on Twitter, but they have been limited to certain types of content.

These new cards will also allow Twitter users the ability to post tweets directly to their followers, and share links to their tweets with other users.

Users will be able to also see which people have followed their tweets, and can share links directly from those users.

A new Twitter card will allow users to share links and photos directly to Twitter, and also direct people to other users of their account.

The new Twitter cards will appear as a “tweet” in the feed of a Twitter account on a new app, or as a new button in the search bar on a search page.

Users can also choose to see their own tweets in the feeds of their followers and followers of other users, and a new “follow” button is also available to make it easy for users like you to follow your friends.

The Twitter app will also be updated to allow Twitter cards to be sent directly to a specific person or user.

This new feature is a “somewhat experimental” feature for Twitter, the Twitter account said.

It is not available on Xbox Live Gold users, but users can see what cards they can receive in their Twitter feed.

Twitter has also rolled out a feature that will let users “follow the people who follow you on Twitter”.

Twitter users will be presented with a list of users that they can follow, as well as a search bar that will show which users follow them.

Users who follow a user will be shown a notification when they have the option to follow them directly, but will not be shown any notifications about other users that have followed them.

Twitter also rolled back the feature that allows users to post videos and pictures directly to the Twitter app, and will allow the “following” feature to be turned off entirely.

Twitter is also introducing a feature to allow users who follow people who are “followed by other users” to get notifications from that user when the other users are retweeting a tweet.

Twitter users can now also choose which followers they want to be notified of their tweets.

This feature is only available to “followers of a friend”.

In other social media card news, Twitter is also rolling out new Twitter “tickets” that allow users with Twitter accounts to see the “favorite” and “favorite retweeted” cards of other Twitter users, as they are the same cards that are being sent to them via email.

Twitter also announced that users will soon be able “follow people who retweeted my tweet”.

Users can now follow “favorite friends” and retweet people who “follow them”.

Twitter also announced a “follow me” button in its search bar, and said users will have the ability “to ‘follow’ anyone they want”.

Twitter is currently rolling out its new Twitter Cards feature, which it has been testing for a few months.

This new feature will be rolling out across all platforms on the console in early February.

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