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How to change your Facebook login information and log in to your Google account

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Google now allows you to change or change your social media account login information.

You can change the email, password, and password verification code for your social accounts on your Android phone or tablet.

The new login system will automatically change your account login, password and account name.

This feature is only available for those who have logged into their account on the Google account they use for their Android device.

You can change your password on your account by going to the account settings menu in the Google app, then tap “Change Password.”

The password will be changed to something more secure.

Change your account information on your Google accounts by going into the account details menu, then tapping “Change Account Information.”

You will then be presented with a new screen that displays your social networks and login information, including your email and password.

You must log in with your social network credentials to change them.

The social network information must match the account name and email address you entered.

If you have multiple accounts, you can also change the login information for the account that you want to use for your mobile device.

This can be done by going through the account information menu, tapping “Account Information,” then tapping the “Change” button.

Facebook login changes are a relatively new feature and they’re not very robust.

We haven’t seen any reports of problems or confusion.

You will need to be a member of Facebook’s Messenger group to use the new login option.

The feature is still in Beta.

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