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Facebook says its privacy policy ‘does not apply’ to UK citizens

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Facebook has apologised to a woman who said her Facebook profile was “incredibly private” and that her name was not on the list of users.

Facebook’s privacy policy on privacy says: “We use your name and profile picture only to contact you and to notify you of updates about us, so that you can continue using Facebook without fear of being spied on.”

The woman had told the website Buzzfeed she had “an intense fear” that her personal details would be published by Facebook and that it was her “duty” to refuse to share her name and photo.

Facebook has been criticised for its lack of transparency and for not being able to control what information people post on its platform.

The policy states: “Your name and personal information will only be used for the purposes described in our Privacy Policy.”

But the woman had also asked for her name to be included on the Facebook profile she had set up in her name.

The company did not respond to Buzzfeed’s request for comment.

Facebook said in a statement on Tuesday: “As part of our general privacy policy, we have included this notice on our privacy policy page: “The information you provide to Facebook in an email or other communication will be used to help us improve and tailor our products and services to your preferences.

“Your personal information is subject to our terms and conditions, as they apply to all of our products, services and activities, and is used only to provide the services you have requested, including those we require of you, to make your experience at Facebook better.”

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