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Which social media sites are safest for children?

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The safest sites to share your Facebook photos and videos with your friends and family are those that are accessible to children, according to new research from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Southern California.

The research, published in the journal Child Development, found that the average social media user was 18 years old and had a normal IQ score of 100.

It also found that only 14% of social media users have experienced at least one post that was abusive.

The study, which used social media as a way to gauge the health of children and their communities, also found those who used social platforms for gaming were also at increased risk for depression and anxiety.

The researchers looked at the social media profiles of 3,959 adults from across the United States.

Their average age was 23.2 years.

Of the 2,500 people who used Facebook, 2,569 used a social media platform that allowed for more than 2 million posts and views per day.

Of those, 2.6 million were made available to children under 18 years of age.

The average number of views per post on Facebook was 7.5.

Of these, 6.5 million were shared more than 100 times.

And the average number shared per post was 10.8.

“The majority of social networks have policies to prevent child exploitation and bullying,” said Dr. Susan Sontag, director of the Center for Social Media and the Digital Age at the University at Buffalo.

“They have safeguards in place to prevent abuse and harassment.”

For example, when a child uses a site, the parents can request that the site delete content or block access to the site, as well as set up an account with the site to manage their children’s access to it.

Children who were under the age of 18 at the time of the survey were more likely to have access to child pornography.

“We know that online safety is a top priority for parents,” Sontagin said.

“Social media platforms can be used as a tool to encourage children to take ownership of their own safety and to learn how to be more responsible online.”

The researchers also used data collected by a child protection group, SafeNet, to examine whether there was an association between the age at which children use social media and the severity of depression or anxiety.

Children from high-income families were at a higher risk of depression and more than twice as likely to report anxiety.

This is because children from wealthy families tend to have more time to spend online, the researchers found.

Children living in rural areas were at higher risk for anxiety and depression.

“In many parts of the country, children and teens are accessing the internet in ways that they may not have previously done,” said Daniel G. Gettelman, executive director of SafeNet.

“This could be the tipping point that causes them to develop behaviors that may lead to serious health consequences later in life.”

This is the first study to look at how children use and access social media to gauge their health, and how these risks vary by socio-economic status.

Children under the legal age of 13 were more than three times as likely as their peers to have depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The risk of developing these conditions was highest among children from low-income households.

“Kids are at risk when they use social platforms in ways they don’t think they’re ready for,” said Sontaga.

“It can be really hard for kids to have an open dialogue about their thoughts and feelings and feelings can be very harmful to their mental health.”

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