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Which NFL players have a social media history?

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Twitter has long been a powerful tool for players to connect with fans, with the NFL’s new player tracking system giving players access to an even wider pool of followers.

But with the introduction of Twitter, there’s been a new social media protocol: the Twitter “connectivity” feature.

With Twitter’s new “connect” feature, players who have a Twitter account will be able to connect to fans through a new feature called “connect,” which allows them to post tweets with links to tweets they’ve already posted.

Players can also add tweets directly to their timeline, which gives them the opportunity to direct fans to their own tweets.

This is an important part of Twitter’s growth, but it’s also problematic for the NFL, as it’s a platform that allows players to directly engage with fans.

That makes it easy for players who aren’t as engaged with Twitter to create and spread misinformation.

“When it comes to our player support, we’re not going to put players in a position where they are compelled to go and tweet things that they know are not true,” NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart told USA Today Sports.

“That’s not what our goal is.”

Lockhart acknowledged that Twitter had a “complicated history” with the league, saying the company had “an adversarial relationship” with players.

The company had an “unwanted and unwarranted influence on our product, and that’s the type of behavior that we want to avoid in the future.”

The Twitter connect feature has also been criticized by players for making it harder for players and fans to talk to each other on Twitter.

Twitter users have been complaining that it’s “very difficult to find the best way to get in touch with a player,” with many of them referring to “connect.”

Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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