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When does the election come?

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The Canadian election campaign has come and gone.

As expected, the Liberals have held the lead and are looking at a comfortable victory.

As is, the Conservatives are in third place and are expected to retain control of Parliament in 2019.

With the Liberals on top, and the Conservatives in third, it’s clear who is in charge.

But the Conservatives may have a problem on their hands.

The party has not won an election since 1997, the last time the party was in power.

The Conservatives are now the longest-serving political party in Canada, with a majority in Parliament for more than 30 years.

But that’s not a reason to believe that the party will win another mandate in 2019, says former Conservative cabinet minister Peter MacKay.

A number of factors could keep the Conservatives from winning a majority, including the size of the party’s support base.

But MacKay says the Conservatives need to win the 2019 election because their economic record in recent years is very different from the Liberals.

“They haven’t really changed their fortunes over the last 25 years.

And that’s because they haven’t been successful,” he said.

The Conservatives have been in power for less than two decades.

MacKay says he doesn’t think the party is prepared to go through the motions of forming a coalition government, but the fact is they’re not even in the majority in the House of Commons.

What the Liberals need to do is put their policies in place that are more consistent with the majority of Canadians.

With only a narrow majority, the Liberal Party is unlikely to be able to form a government, especially if the Conservatives get their way on a number of issues, MacKay said.

The Liberal Party says they are ready to form the next government and are “open to the possibility of a coalition.”

“We’re very clear that we’re going to be looking at forming a government if we get the opportunity,” Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said in an interview with CBC News in September.

Trudeau said the Liberals are “looking at forming coalition governments, whether it’s with us or the Conservatives.”

“That’s the only way we can get a government that’s going to represent all Canadians,” he added.

Even if the Liberals form a coalition, there are still a number things the Liberals can do to help the country and their political fortunes, Mac Kay said.

He noted that the Liberals also have a mandate from the voters, and that they are “ready to do what we can to make sure that Canada stays safe, that Canadians have access to a fair and just system, and is a place where the Canadian economy works for everyone.”

The next election is likely to be held in 2019 or 2020.

The next federal election is scheduled for 2022.

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