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Twitter bans pro-Trump social media account from UK

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Twitter is banning pro-Donald Trump accounts in the UK, after they began spreading fake news on the social network.

Twitter has also started a “snooping” campaign to target pro- Trump accounts, with the company telling users to report any accounts they find that use fake or misleading accounts.

The company has started blocking accounts linked to the accounts that were found to be spam, and the accounts were subsequently suspended.

Twitter also warned users about using fake accounts on its platform, including those that use automated bots to promote fake news, or account owners who offer fraudulent services.

The accounts are listed on Twitter’s list of “suspected accounts that could potentially engage in automated activity” in its latest security update, which was released on Wednesday.

Twitter said it was taking action against the accounts after they appeared to use automated accounts to promote content, such as posts on Facebook.

“The accounts we are seeing are not only spam, but also fake news.

They are also accounts that use bots, often automated bots that attempt to promote a content that isn’t theirs,” said David Hsieh, Twitter’s vice president of corporate communications, in a blog post.”

We are taking action, as we do with any suspicious activity, and are looking at how we can get to the bottom of these accounts, which could lead to more information and help prevent these kinds of incidents in the future.”

The company also said that it was blocking accounts that are used to promote or promote fake content.

“As a precautionary measure, we are blocking accounts for content that could contain malicious code, and for accounts that promote fake or spam content,” Hsie, who also runs Twitter’s product and services group, wrote.

“This is just the first step in a series of actions we will take to help prevent this kind of behavior.”

A fake account with the handle @MaddieLizNews was created last month.

The account claimed to be an official spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, and posted posts that promoted pro-Hillary Clinton content, including links to her official campaign website.

The posts were later deleted after the account was flagged by Twitter.

The account was eventually shut down by the company on July 30, after users reported that it had been spreading misinformation on social media.

The Trump campaign has also been targeted, with pro-Clinton posts and other fake news being posted on the campaign’s account, and accounts promoting false information have also been flagged.

The White House did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

A pro-Democratic Facebook page called The Maddie Liz News also was flagged, which has since been taken down.

Twitter is not the only platform that has been hit by fake news during the US presidential campaign.

In January, the company blocked the account of former President Barack Obama’s chief of staff and former Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile.

The website of Hillary Clinton’s campaign also has been blocked, and several pro-Bernie Sanders accounts have been banned.

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