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The social media interns at Wendy’s have a lot in common, says the company

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Wendy’s has a pretty unique brand identity, but its social media team has a lot of similarities to its other brands, including its logo and the company’s social network, which the company is slowly turning into a platform for hiring and training talent.

The company recently opened its first social media internship program, and the internship program is the first of its kind at a major U.S. restaurant chain, according to Wendy’s Vice President of Talent and Innovation Erin O’Connell.

In an interview with Polygon, O’Donnell talked about how the internship and hiring process is unique, and how the Wendy’s internship program has created opportunities for more than 1,500 new employees.

“The interns have access to all of Wendy’s social, networking, and job opportunities and it’s really a really interesting mix,” O’Connor said.

“It’s a really unique program, one of the first to do it at Wendy, and we’re really proud of it.”

The Wendy’s intern program, which was first announced last year, will allow employees to apply for jobs through a web-based application, and will train them for their new roles, which will include mentoring and leadership roles.

Wendys intern program is unique in that it is entirely digital, meaning the interns will be able to access and interact with their resumes and resume reviews online.

In addition to working with a virtual recruiter and working on social media content for the company, Wendy’s interns will also receive a weekly training call.

Wendeys interns will have the option to work on the company-sponsored Twitter account (@WendysTweets), as well as working on a video or photo shoot.

While many other employers use a video production company to handle their social media needs, Wendys interns will receive the chance to work with the Wendys brand team.

The internship program also allows Wendy’s to leverage the skills that they have gained through the Wendy and Taco Bell internship programs, which have provided them with invaluable networking and communication skills.

“Interns are able to develop and share their experiences in ways that are unique to their industry, and they’re able to have those experiences shared with the company in ways where it helps us grow as a company and help grow the company as a brand,” O-Connell said.

O’Connell says Wendy’s will continue to work closely with the internship coordinator to ensure that the program’s benefits are shared widely.

“We’re a very digital company, and that’s a very good thing,” O.

Connell said, adding that she’s excited about the opportunities Wendy’s is providing to its internship interns, and for future internships.

“It’s great to see Wendy’s taking that opportunity to connect to their employees, and to share that experience with the world, and so they’re sharing it on social, and it makes it really easy for the intern to go out and find work.”

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