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‘I’m the first person you’ve ever seen that had a penis’: The ‘dear, honest, loyal’ dad who is going viral

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The man behind the viral #IAmTheFirstPersonYouEverHadPisis trending topic has one message for parents who are still struggling to explain the phenomenon.

“I know the answer to that question: ‘How can you not?'” the dad, who is also a former wrestler, told ABC News.

“The truth is that I don’t know what the heck is going on, and I’m the one who has to explain it to them.”

The father’s message has now been shared more than 3 million times, garnering the father’s attention, his dad said.

“I think a lot of the people who have had this experience have been frustrated, frustrated that they’re not having a conversation about this,” he said.

Pisces was first identified in March 2016 when a woman called the police after she was assaulted in her car by a man who was trying to drive off with her.

He has since been described as a “bubbly” man, with curly hair, an athletic build and an attractive face.

The dad told ABC that while the incident may be a common occurrence in a city like New York, it’s still something he and other parents who have experienced it need to be aware of.

If you have been affected by the #IAMTHEFIRSTPIS hashtag, please share this article.”

He said he hopes to eventually get some kind of compensation for the trauma of being attacked by someone he does not know.

If you have been affected by the #IAMTHEFIRSTPIS hashtag, please share this article.

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