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How to get a free tattoo in Ireland

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The tattoo craze is booming in Ireland with many locals offering free tattoos in the hope of securing a coveted tattoo.

The tattoos on display in the Irish tattoo parlour are often extremely pricey and a tattoo in the capital city of Dublin costs between €2,500 and €4,000.

A free tattoo is the next logical step in an already highly expensive tattoo process, and is usually offered by people with a strong desire to show their individuality.

Tattoos are seen as a symbol of self-expression, and it is believed that the vast majority of people are interested in getting a tattoo.

In fact, tattoos in Ireland are so popular that there are tattoo parLectures to help people learn how to get the best possible tattoos, with one such event in Dublin’s Irish Tattoo Parlour.

A tattoo is not only a statement of one’s identity but also a way of expressing a deeper feeling of belonging, said Michael Dannen, a tattoo artist who works for Tattoo Ireland.

“A tattoo can be a very personal statement.

A person who gets a tattoo on their forehead can be seen as saying they are a part of a larger community.

A lot of people don’t think about the health and safety aspect of their tattoos,” he said.”

Tattoo parlours are a very popular place to get tattoos, and people don´t realise how much they can lose.”

The most popular tattoo in Dublin is a huge red cross with a white background, and costs between £8,500 to £12,000 depending on the size of the design.TATTOOING IN DIAMONDHIA large selection of different designs can be found in tattoo parliaments across the world, with the Irish government allowing a range of designs to be used on the national flag.

There are also a number of tattoos which have become synonymous with the capital, with a number depicting the city skyline and the motto ‘I am Dublin’.

A number of famous tattoo artists have established themselves in the city, such as Johnnie Walker, who has been doing his work in the area for over 40 years.

Mr Walker said he is very proud of the quality of the designs in his portfolio.

“It’s a huge range.

We have been able to get some really fantastic designs and the ones that we’ve done, they’ve been really well received by people,” he explained.”

The only thing I’m not happy about is that some of the ones are so big they’ve got a couple of inches on the inside and they don’t work with our flag.

We have some amazing designs that are just brilliant.

I’ve got some really large designs that go from 2.5 metres on the outside to 4 metres on an inside, and they work really well with our flags.”

The designs include the slogan ‘I Am Dublin’, a reference to the city of Ireland, and the city’s famous blue water.TATTOOS ON A MULTIPLE PLATFORM”TATToo in Dublin” is a reference of the city as a whole, which also features in the slogan.

Treat your tattoo with care and attention, and be sure to read the advice given before getting a custom tattoo, before your appointment.

Find out more about tattoos in Dublin on our tattoo page

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