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Facebook, Twitter, Google ‘bait’ fake news

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Facebook has launched an investigation into “bait” social media sites after one fake news site used its Facebook account to “push” fake news to a number of users.

The social media giant has said it has “banned” sites from its platform that use “bully tag” as a marketing tool to try to influence users to click on “buzzy” content.

The fake news sites were used to push fake news stories to users on Facebook and Twitter, according to a post from Facebook’s general counsel Matt Forney on Thursday.

Facebook has also launched a crackdown on “likes” and “unlike” buttons, and the company has announced a crackdown across all its platforms to remove fake news.

The move follows complaints from social media users about fake news being spread on Facebook by a fake news website called “The Onion”.

The site claimed to have more than 1,000 news articles on Facebook.

Facebook said it had identified more than 20 fake news “bias sites” across its sites, with the company offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrests of those involved.

Facebook’s “Bias” tool allows users to report content that is “fake news”, or “untruthful, misleading, or misleading” by a website.

Users can also report posts and links that they see as “inaccurate, false, misleading or malicious”, or they can flag a post or link as “seditious” or “threatening”.

Facebook also said it was working with law enforcement agencies to help them identify “fake” news stories that are being shared on the platform, and was investigating further “liking” and commenting buttons that people are reporting as “fake”.

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