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Why you should care about the federal NDP’s election platform

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Posted March 14, 2019 13:17:18 The federal NDP has released its platform, which outlines the party’s economic, social and environmental policies and promises.

Here’s what you need to know.

What’s in the platform?

The federal party has promised to boost social spending by $1.3 billion a year by 2018, to ensure families have the money to meet their basic needs.

It also promises to create a “new economy” with a new approach to economic development.

The party’s promise to invest $200 million over four years in research to improve Canada’s science and technology infrastructure.

The party also promises $200 billion over four to five years in a new federal-provincial framework to boost economic and social inclusion.

The Liberals have promised to invest another $200-million a year in economic development by 2018-19.

The NDP’s platform also promises a “social dividend” of $20-billion over four decades, with a focus on the “unmet needs” of First Nations communities and Aboriginal peoples.

The platform also pledges $1 billion a-year in federal infrastructure spending.

It pledges to invest in education, healthcare, housing, infrastructure, water and other programs, while making changes to the Canadian Human Rights Act.

The platform also commits to invest more in science, technology and innovation.

The NDP’s candidate for the next federal election, Jagmeet Singh, released a statement calling on his party to put more emphasis on creating jobs.

“The NDP stands for a strong economy that creates good jobs, protects the environment and creates a strong middle class.

The right to work for everyone should be a core principle of our society, not just a top priority,” Singh said.

Why should you care?

The NDP platform is one of the most progressive platform’s ever released.

It promises to invest about $1-billion in research in the areas of science and science-based technology, a move that will boost the party by $200million.

It has also promised to create more than 50,000 jobs in four years, as well as create more “unfunded deficits.”

The party promises to increase federal funding for child care, to increase the minimum wage, and to support the fight against climate change.

It’s also committed to “making our economy more affordable and accessible to working families.”

It has promised a $10-billion-a-year infrastructure plan, to help rebuild roads, bridges and transit infrastructure, and is promising to double the minimum-wage rate to $15 per hour.

The new plan will also create a National Children’s Fund, which will fund “care-based programs and services to support families” to help children stay in school.

“The future of our economy depends on it.

Our economy cannot and must not rely on a single industry, as we know it today, to grow.

We must build the middle class,” Singh added.

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