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Twitter has a problem with its user-generated content, and it’s getting better

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Twitter has been struggling with user-created content for some time now, with reports of abusive content popping up every few weeks.

Now, according to a recent study by research firm Trend Micro, Twitter’s user-generated content is also getting better, with its social media platform seeing an improvement of 6 percent in the last month alone.

While the exact cause of this improvement is unclear, the company has a number of possible explanations, ranging from the way its user accounts are structured to the way the company’s algorithm handles the content.

But while these reports have been brewing for a while, they’re now starting to hit the mainstream.

The report suggests that the problem stems from a number social media trends that have come to dominate the social media landscape in recent years.

While Twitter is a company that’s been built for the long haul, with a focus on building a more personalized product and service, the problem has been compounded by the fact that the company isn’t always getting the best out of its users.

In fact, according the study, the social network’s user growth has slowed dramatically in the past few years, with the number of active users falling from 8.7 million in January 2016 to 2.5 million in March 2017.

In the past, this trend has caused Twitter to introduce features that make it harder for users to harass others, like banning users who make abusive comments or photos, or changing how they can interact with the service.

But that hasn’t stopped Twitter from pushing forward with these changes, as Trend Micro found that its user growth had slowed to just 0.7 percent in March 2018.

In this study, Trend Micro also found that users who had posted “non-disparaging” content on Twitter in the previous six months were now less likely to report that content to Twitter in response to an automated threat, and were also less likely than other users to report threats to their personal safety.

These results suggest that Twitter has noticed a growing number of users are using social media to harass other people.

But, while Twitter has an inherent ability to identify these people, the user-reported content that Twitter posts is not always a clear indicator of a specific threat, the report suggests.

Instead, Twitter could be making its users feel more comfortable about how they’re responding to harassment, but the company needs to get better at curating and reporting content that it doesn’t think is threatening to people.

In addition to the report’s findings, Trend Mic also found several other interesting findings.

Twitter is also facing a number issues related to user engagement.

According to the company, it’s seeing an uptick in people sending and receiving more than 140 messages per day on its platform.

The average number of messages per user is now up from about 130 messages per person in February 2017.

But the company also noted that people are also sending more than 70,000 tweets per day, and they’re sending those tweets in ways that make them more difficult for the company to track.

Finally, Trend Metrics found that while Twitter’s users have the ability to opt out of certain types of abusive and abusive content, it still hasn’t done enough to make its service a place that users can feel safe.

While these findings have been coming from a variety of sources, they are particularly relevant for Twitter as it looks to improve its user engagement and make it a place where people feel safe to express themselves.

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