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How Twitter’s ‘Trending Topics’ section could help save millions of dollars per year

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The social media platform has unveiled new “Trending” sections that let users quickly jump to relevant posts and articles from around the web.

The first section, called “About Us,” allows users to learn more about the brand, its products and services.

Users can also see how the brand’s products compare to other brands.

The company says this section also highlights trends and offers insight into what brands are seeing.

It also offers links to brand profiles on sites like Buzzfeed, Business Insider, TechCrunch, VentureBeat and more.

The second section, “About Me,” will let users search for content, like images and videos, to find related posts.

It will also allow users to see trending topics.

For example, if a user searches for “best coffee in NYC” and the first result is a video about the New York City coffee scene, they can click on that video to see a list of similar videos about the same topic.

Users also have the option to add an “About” section to the left of their profile page.

The section lists all the brands that have featured the brand in a previous update.

When the user clicks on the “About me” section, the brand will display an additional search box that allows them to see their “About This Brand” section as well.

This section also offers additional content from other brands that the user might want to check out.

Users will be able to search for any brand from the list of companies that have been featured in the previous update, and they will be offered a series of options to find similar brands.

Users are able to share a link to a page on their brand’s page that will let them read more about it, including what brands have been mentioned on the page, what their product and service is, how much the brand has raised, and other important information.

Users that click the “Share” button on the brand page will also be able add a photo of the brand on their profile to share.

For brands that are featured in other social media networks, the company is also providing links to the brands’ website and their Instagram page.

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