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How to prevent social media harassment

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The social media world is filled with harassment and threats against women, with an average of more than one woman a day being attacked.

That’s according to the National Women’s Law Center, which released its annual report on Monday.

It also released the results of its annual survey of female social media users, which found that 77% of female Twitter users said they were harassed online.

That number rose to 86% of those who used Facebook, up from 68% in the previous year.

The survey found that 58% of women said they experienced sexual harassment online, up by 6 percentage points from last year.

About one in three women said harassment on Facebook led to an increase in physical and sexual violence, up 13 points from 2015.

But the most disturbing finding: Nearly half of women, 48%, said they reported a direct or indirect threat of physical violence against them online.

Women also said they faced harassment online over issues ranging from sexual harassment to stalking.

More than three in four women said that someone had made threats against them on Facebook.

And more than four in five women, 55%, said that an anonymous person had contacted them on their behalf about an issue.

The number of online threats, including the number of men, rose by 10 points, to 31%.

The survey of 4,099 Twitter users also found that women were more likely to use Twitter to report or share harassment than men, with 44% of Twitter users reporting that someone has harassed them.

Only 15% of men reported using Twitter to complain about their harassment.

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