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How the Warriors are now more comfortable in their role as an NBA team than they were a year ago

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The Warriors now have a more comfortable role as a regular NBA team, and the way the Warriors operate has been much more consistent in the last two seasons than it was in the past two seasons.

The Warriors now get a full season to evaluate their roles, which is one of the key things that allowed them to have so many different players on the floor for the entirety of the 2016-17 season.

It also allowed them a full offseason to get to know their roster better, which helped them better adjust to the NBA season.

With the Warriors’ new-look roster, the team has become much more predictable in its rotations, with the exception of the bench.

In addition to Harrison Barnes, who is starting at small forward, the Warriors have played Harrison Barnes at power forward and point guard.

The Warriors are also using Andre Iguodala, a point guard that was not a part of the original team last season, to provide some energy.

The other big change has been in the role of the coach.

David Blatt was the Warriors offensive coordinator last season and has been a consistent part of their offense.

He was also the defensive coordinator for the previous two seasons under head coach Steve Kerr.

With Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut, the coaching staff has been the most consistent in terms of the type of game they play, and that was important last season.

The team started off the season with a very different style of play, but it has since been more predictable and more consistent.

The new-style offense has also allowed the Warriors to play the game a lot more in transition, which has allowed them more freedom to get the ball to their teammates, which they had not been able to do in previous seasons.

The transition game is where the Warriors excel, and they are starting to get better at that, too.

The biggest difference in this year’s roster is in the backcourt.

Andrew Bogotas, who was traded to the Warriors this summer, is a much better defender than Bogut.

Andre Igbomodu is also a much more dynamic player, especially in the post.

The backcourt is a lot easier to defend with Bogotases and Igbos because of their versatility.

Bogota and Iguodes strengths in this aspect of the game are also the most noticeable differences from last season when Bogotans defensive presence was the most important part of his game.

Stephen Curry and Klay, meanwhile, have been much better at running the ball offensively.

Bogut is also much more effective on the defensive end with the Warriors playing more of a spread-out game, and Stephen Curry and the rest of the backline has been better in that regard.

The team’s ability to transition on both ends of the floor is what makes them so dangerous on offense, as they can run it off the pick and roll and transition the ball quickly to a shooter at the rim, as well as on the fast break.

Last season, the Golden State backcourt was one of those three players who had the ability to make plays with the ball in their hands, but not enough of them made the plays to really make up for the lack of consistency in the team’s offense.

With the addition of Bogut and Iggy as the backups, the ball movement and playmaking from the frontcourt will be much more efficient, as will the transition offense.

The backcourt has also become a more consistent part in the offense.

Harrison Barnes has played a lot of minutes at small forwards, and Andre Iggbomoduu has been an important part for the team in the pick-and-roll.

They are a great combination of size and athleticism, and Bogotabou has improved his shot as the season has gone on.

The bench is another important area where the team is starting to improve.

The new-school approach to the bench has been welcomed by many, and it is a great way to improve the team.

Andrei Kirilenko has been great in that role, and David Lee has been one of this year´s top rebounders.

There are many other talented players on this team that have stepped up in that position, and those are two players that the Warriors should keep around.

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