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Why are Twitter users more likely to post photos of themselves than others?

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Facebook users are more likely than other social media users to post their own photos, according to a new research report.

The research, which examined Facebook photos, also found that Facebook users posted more selfies than others and more than people in the U.S. and Western Europe.

The study found that photos posted by people in Facebook are shared at the highest rate of people sharing selfies.

And people who post selfies are also more likely, on average, to post a photo of themselves.

But, people posting photos of other people are also sharing more of their own selfies.

Facebook users in the study were more likely then people in Western Europe to post other people’s selfies.

For example, in the European countries, people were more than twice as likely to share other people than other people in photos shared by people they knew.

People in Western countries also shared selfies at a higher rate than people who were not Facebook friends.

The researchers said the findings might indicate a social contagion, whereby more sharing is likely to lead to a higher risk of a social media infection.

“The study raises several questions: What happens to people sharing photos from their friends?

And what happens when people share selfies with other people?” the researchers wrote.

“And, how can people reduce the risk of infection?”

The study also found the prevalence of selfies on Facebook was higher than in the United States and Western European countries.

In Western Europe, the prevalence rate was 18.2% while in the countries surveyed in the Americas, that rate was 16.9%.

In the United Kingdom, Facebook posts were shared at a rate of 3.7% compared with 4.7%.

The study was published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology and the results were analyzed by Dr. Peter Koller, a professor of psychology at Harvard University.

The researchers are looking into the correlation between the two topics.

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