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Twitter to start accepting bitcoins for buying airline tickets

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Twitter is about to get a new service that will allow users to purchase tickets for flights.

The service is expected to be ready in a couple of months, according to a tweet by the social media platform’s founder, Evan Williams.

The service, called “Bitflyer”, is a way for users to buy airline tickets for up to $1,000, without having to pay for an airline.

The company has been working on the service for a while, and earlier this month it released a blog post outlining its plans for the service.

“We are excited to launch Bitflyer, a new way for people to get paid for their travel.

With Bitflyers’ simplicity and privacy, users can be a part of the solution,” Williams wrote.

Users are able to purchase a ticket from Bitfly and send it to their bank account via PayPal, using the service’s payment method.

The ticket will be refunded if the ticket isn’t purchased within the specified time.

This means users can buy flights with bitcoins and pay for them with their cash, rather than a credit card.

Users can use Bitflying to book flights for any airline, including:American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines, American Airlines First, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, Virgin America, Southwest, United Express, and JetBlue Plus.

Bitfly is available on Apple iOS and Android devices.

A couple of weeks ago, Twitter started accepting bitcoin payments for flights, which has been a popular way for many people to purchase travel tickets.

The social media company has a number of other services that allow people to pay with bitcoins, including a ticket payment system that lets people buy a ticket for a trip.

Some of the benefits of accepting bitcoin include:The bitcoin system has also been criticized for its high fees.

There have been a number on the rise in recent years.

There are some companies that have attempted to fight off bitcoin’s rise in the past, but there have been some who have gone down in flames, including Mt.

Gox, which went bankrupt in 2014.

The loss of Mt.

Gox was a setback for the currency’s value.

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