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Microsoft and LinkedIn to partner to launch new LinkedIn-branded social media services

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Microsoft will partner with LinkedIn on new social media platforms that will allow users to manage their profile, like Twitter and Instagram, as well as share and share on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The LinkedIn social media platform, which will be launched in a few months, will allow companies to manage profiles through LinkedIn-specific apps and tools.

“We want to provide a platform for companies to easily share their information, manage their social accounts, and share the stories they’ve been working on,” LinkedIn vice president of social products Michael Sperling said in an interview with The Next WIRED.

The news comes amid a wave of social media companies launching apps to allow users more control over their personal accounts.

Facebook and Google both have social media apps.

Snapchat has an app for Instagram and Facebook is currently working on an app that will let users manage their Instagram accounts.

Google’s Chrome browser, which is used by more than 60% of people on mobile devices, already has an option for people to manage accounts through the Google+ app.

But LinkedIn’s app will be the first to allow people to easily post and share content directly to LinkedIn.

“LinkedIn has been an incredible platform for us to connect with people across the globe and we’re excited to partner with the company on this exciting new social enterprise,” LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner said in a statement.

“Lingering connections are important to us and we look forward to working with LinkedIn and its incredible partners on new products and services for people across LinkedIn.”

LinkedIn has been experimenting with different apps and features that will give users control over how they see their profile information.

The company has been testing an app called Profile for Business that lets users see their status, company name, company image, and more.

The new LinkedIn social service will be available for download on the Microsoft Windows Phone and Android devices, the company said.

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